18 Feb

I know. You don't even have to say it. We are probably the worst bloggers all time.

The things is, I didn't even feel bad about it for the longest time. Zero guilt. Free as a bird. Freed, if you will. Then my friend, Nancy, updated her blog for the first time in forever and pangs of guilt hit me hard. I thought to myself, "Ugh, I LOVE Nancy's blog! I had been wondering when she would update again." And then being the self-absorbed diva that I am I realized that mayhaps I had a few fans as well. 

So, my people, my wonderful fans, I present to you my life since August 2013 (good heavens...)

September was nothing exciting. The end.

October, however, we went to Vermont! Funny story about Vermont: When Andy and I were still in the early stages of our relationship I asked the cliche question, "If you could live anywhere, where would you live?," to which he replied, "Vermont." I just stared at him. Who the hell, especially at the age of 18, wants to live in a random state they haven't even visited before? I mocked him for years, because I thought Vermont was lame (sorry Vermont relatives.) After living in DC for a few years, though, you start to realize you really, really miss fall. The crisp air, bonfires, corn mazes, and foliage. Yes, foliage. Yes, I am a 68 year old at heart. I missed dying leaves so much that we planned a long weekend in Vermont.

So the first weekend in October, Andy, Fitz, and I packed up the car and drove up north. We made a pit stop in Princeton to visit our friends Nick and Andrea, students at the seminary there. It's nice to visit colleges for Fitz. Frankly though, Princeton is a little too weak for his short list. 


Total weak sauce, right?

After our short visit we headed up another 7 hours to the middle of the Green Mountains where we booked a cabin. We hiked, Fitz ran headlong into a screen door, we ate Vermont cheddar, Fitz got beaned in the head by a falling apple, we visited the Ben & Jerry's factory, spent time with my cousins in Burlington, visited the Von Trapp family lodge (it was raining so I declined running through the hills singing), drove through Smuggler's Notch, and just generally relaxed. We also observed that it's an ideal vacation destination for the 55+ crowd.


Southern view from our cabin's deck


Our All-Vermont dinner

The Ben&Jerry's MINI Vermonster.

4 scoops + brownie + cookie + whipped cream + banana + brownie bites + cookie bites + sprinkles. Roughly 3500 calories. 

The full Vermonster is 20 scoops...



Vermont is cool, I guess.

In November, we hosted Thanksgiving at our place for our fellow Thanksgiving loners. We also cut down our first real Christmas tree, which we soon realized took up approximately 1/4 of our living room. 


Um yea.


We really should have realized how wide it was.

In December, I flailed over how much I love Christmas. We had our annual Christmas movie marathon at the Arlington Drafthouse, where we built our annually award winning ginger bread house (not really, but Andy is a phenomenal ginger bread house builder).


This would cost $1.2 million in DC.

Then we headed to the Mitten to see family. Of course, when we get there the power went out 12 hrs later and that lasted for 3 days. Showers are overrated. We spent time with both of our families and ate a lot. We continued that tradition by hosting our annual NYE party when we arrived back in DC. The next day, as always, our aunt and uncle hosted a nice recovery dinner for us. 


Wait what? Eww.

In January we ran around like chickens with out heads cut off. Here was my travel schedule

Get home from Michigan. Host NYE party

One week later fly to Phoenix for 5 days. Eat In 'N' Out. Twice. In a row

Fly back to DC

Three days later drive 9 hours to Detroit for Kaitlyn and Kelly's wedding. See my best friends. Joyful flailing occurred. 

Drive back to DC

1.5 days later fly to Austin for two days for work. #forfreedom

Fly back to DC and trash the apartment and live out of suitcase out of laziness. 


I'd like to say we'll be better about blogging, that I'm a changed woman. That might be true. Time will tell. Truthfully, I love reading blogs but I feel weird writing one. Which probably means I just need to get back in the habit. We'll see. I might write more about ramblings (er, my opinions), things I'm digging, the meaning of life, etc. Stay tuned (but not too tuned, because I could totally drop off the face of the earth again. Let's be real. Sorry Pearl!)

28 Sep

Football season is here. And everyone knows what that means: Screaming at the TV, complaining about refs, hypothetical discussions on the advantages and side effects of increasing the quantity and efficacy of players' padding, and of course, football food. The foremost two really shouldn't be repeated here, and the third is a discussion for another time. But football food... well, I'll just shut up and show you.

First we made pretzel bites (recipe on Annie's Eats) which we dipped in beer and cheddar cheese dip (recipe at Williams & Sonoma). This was amazing. If you don't mind the work required for the pretzels (rolling, cutting, boiling, and baking), it's definitely worth it. It was even delicious reheated the next day.

We also made jalapeno popper dip that we devoured with tortilla chips. This is the second year in a row we've made this dip (see this blog post) and both years we failed to get a picture of the dip. The very minute this stuff comes out of the oven, we begin feasting on it. I wish I was kidding. We did manage to get a picture of Hillary chopping up the jalapenos... 

... but that's it. The recipe is on Brown Eyed Baker's blog if you want to try it yourself and see why we can't wait even to take a picture before stuffing our faces with it's creamy cheesy goodness. 

I'm not superstitious, but the Lions, Patriots, and Wolverines all won their games on the weekend we made this... now THAT is a superstition I could start practicing.

12 Aug

Last week was pretty all American. What can be more American than Forrest Gump, shooting guns, and baseball (fortunately not at the same time)? Monday we went to the Crystal City outdoor big-screen to watch Forrest Gump. We brought our usual picnic favorite of fancy pepperoni, goat cheese, and french bread. 

"Mama always said life was a like a tupperware full of grapes" ... or something like that

Then on Thursday I went with a friend to the NRA shooting range to practice our zombie apocalypse plan. Since this was the first time I've ever shot more than a 22 caliber, I'd say I did pretty well. 

Take that, you brain eating zombie man!

Safe from the zombies,  we dedicated the whole day Saturday to the great American pastime. Lunch: Hot dogs and Field of Dreams.

And dinner at the Orioles v Mariners game. We sat in a suite arranged through Hillary's work (free crab cakes!). It was a great game too. 5 home runs, and more than a few amazing plays. 

For those of you following along at home, that would be numbers 14 and 16 on our 2013 Summer Bucket List!


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